Grow a smile – Tallest sunflower competition

For the second year in a row, pupils at Hamilton Academy grew the tallest sunflower in a competition organised by the Rotary Club of High Wycombe. Twenty four local primary schools took part in this year’s event with each one receiving a free pack of “giant” sunflower seeds in the spring.

After a promising start, many schools struggled to care for their plants during the summer heat wave. Alison Lewis, deputy headteacher at Hamilton Academy actually apologized when submitting this year’s result because it was nearly a metre shorter than their winning entry in 2021. However the results from all schools were lower this year so despite the initial disappointment their sunflower, which was verified as being 286 cm tall, still beat their nearest rivals High Wycombe CofE school (223cm) and Carrington Junior School (180cm).

sunflower in a competition
sunflower in a competition

The prize of £200 was presented by Graham Peart, the president of High Wycombe Rotary Club, at the end of a special assembly. The school will use the prize money to purchase spring bulbs and gardening equipment which their pupils will use to improve their school’s environment.

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