High Wycombe Rotarians

Are for communities, and we need people like you to join with us in improving the lives of others. Rotary is about volunteering.

We are looking for local people with a few hours to spare to work with us on community projects. We welcome joining forces with business leaders, schools, charities and groups to improve the environment, education and welfare of local people.


Make a Difference to Your Community now, and have fun and make friends whilst doing so…

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High Wycombe Rotarian News

Our Projects

Community Projects

Our fundraising efforts have offered support to many charities and causes in High Wycombe including the One Can Food Trust, Wycombe Homeless Connection and Women’s Aid (High Wycombe). During Covid, we donated to secondary schools so they could buy school tablets for those Upper School students working from home without access to technology. At Christmas, our Father Christmas takes his sleigh through Wycombe collecting for local children charities and Rotarians help pack Christmas parcels for victims of crime. Grow the Tallest Sunflower Competition for children is in its second year.


In conjunction with the Chiltern Rangers, we will help with local environmental projects.

Youth Projects

Rotary works with young people in a variety of ways to develop their skills and build their confidence. Over the years, we have organised many competitions in local secondary and primary schools including Young Chef, Youth Speaks, Winning Interviews, Technology Tournaments and Mini Business Enterprise. We are about to launch a photography competition for young people.


We look forward to supporting the Chiltern Rangers exciting Community Wildflower Project by using our local schools network. Rotarians who enjoy dabbling in gardening will help with the planting and growing of wildflower seedlings in the Spring of 2023. If this kind of volunteering appeals to you then do get in touch.

International Projects

Our Club is quick to react to worldwide disasters such as earthquakes, floods and tsunamis by getting out the collecting buckets and tabards.  Local funds raised are used for disaster relief including donations to ShelterBox and Aquabox. Our Rotarians personally donate to one of Rotary’s main causes: The Worldwide Eradication of Polio.  On a lighter note, our Club is twinned with St Andre de Cubzac, Bordeaux.